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on holy saturday he made changes, shortening some of the readings and rituals. that's not the only change noticed by catholics tonight, some up set with the pope's departure from tradition. >> reporter: david, that is the holiest weekend on the catholic calendar and the faithful have come from around the world. the new pope is marking the weekend with many firsts. on italian television today the pope did something popes rarely do, participating in a broadcast special on the shroud of turin. the pope referred to it as a symbol of hope, but like his predecessors never declaring the holy icon to be the genuine cloth that covered christs body. it's the first televised showing in 40 years and only the second time in history. continuing his style of breaking with tradition he angered some people this week. instead of washing the feet of 12 priests he disregarded custom and washed the feet of 12 prisoners, including muslim woman, only men are supposed to be part of the tradition. he chooses to wear simple white vestments, shake hands with the public and focus on the poor. >> priests are identify
. let's start there. >> do you get any sense from him that he was looking to change the relationship with the united states? >> one thing i know about him, he's very humble. >> reporter: so what's next? >> i'm going back and find out more. what's really going on. find out more. >> next time you go back, you should bring this report from human rights watch. >> don't hate me. don't hate me. >> reporter: a white house official telling me tonight the u.s. has direct channelling to -- channels to north korea. other officials saying look at what the north koreans are doing, not what rodman says they're saying. >> something to see this morning. thank you. >>> speaking of the white house, the man who hoped to be living there, mitt romney, is talking for the first time about his loss and about how badly he still wants it as he watches washington now from afar. here's what he told fox news. >> i look at what's happening right now. i wish i were there. it kills me not to be there, in the white house doing what needs to be done. >> reporter: romney was also asked about that videotape during the
to president bashar al assad had raised hopes for reform. >> many changes have happened. many positive changes have happened. but we haven't reached our final destination. >> reporter: days before the uprising started, "vogue" magazine published a glowing profile, calling her a rose in the desert. >> asma al assad worked very hard for a period of 11 years to promote an image of princess diana. she's now nothing more than the wife of a dictator. >> reporter: a small group of rebels is now being trained by the u.s. military in neighboring jordan. and the rebels got a boost this weekend when a top syrian general defected to their side. he had been in charge of the syrian army's logistics. david? >> alex, our thanks to you. >>> back to this country and to the economy, now. on the eve of another week for the dow, many baby-boomers who rode the rollercoaster, finally seeing a recovery. the dow is finishing a ten-day rally. this is where it will end up in the morning, just over 14,500 points. and tonight, abc's bianna golodryga, tonight, with a couple you met right here on "world news." staying the c
morning. we'll all be watching right here. >>> in the meantime, there is fallout on a change from a devicive issue from a republican in washington. senator rob portman says he will support gay marriage after his son told him he's gay. some of the constituents are reacting tonight. here's abc rooe that new york nan. >> my son came to jane, my wife, and i, and told us that he was gay. >> that was the moment republican senator rob portman began changing his opposition to same-sex marriage. >> he's going to make a lot of people in the conservative wing of the republican party quite upset. >> reporter: but for portman, it was not about politics. >> to have the joy and the stability of marriage that i've had for over 26 years. i want all three of my kids to have that, including our son who is gay. >> reporter: that son, 21-year-old will portman tweeting, especially proud of my dad today. but there was a backlash from some of the conservative constituents. >> you're a republican and all of a sudden you're against, like, gay marriage and stuff, and your son comes out and you want to chang
's the thing. the politics around gay marriage are changing and changing fast. it's been less than a year since president obama himself dropped his opposition to gay marriage in that interview with our colleague, robin roberts. and now, even some prominent republicans are settling on the same position. >> and, rick, you study these political poll lines. what is the trending telling us right now? >> it is moving so fast. in 2004, during george w. bush's re-election, we asked in a poll if gay marriage should be legal. and only 32% said yes. this month, that number is up to 58%. that's a tectonic shift. >> rick klein, with the bigger picture, as always. rick, thank you. >>> we turn overseas to the vatican, where pope francis celebrated his first palm sunday mass, to begin the holy week leading up to easter. from the steps of st. peter's, he urged the crowd of worshippers to be humble and young at heart. he toured the square in his popemobile, open to the crowd, despite the concern of his security detail. kissing babies and shaking hands there. >>> in rome tomorrow, everyone watching something else
these changes. >> reporter: the queen will show support for new laws giving equal rights to boys and girls in royal succession. the timing of this is significant because with will's and kate's baby on the way. if it's a girl, this means she will be the next queen. with the stroke of the pen tomorrow, the queen will be making an historic, if symbolic, pledge for equal rights for billions of people in 54 countries around the world. amy? >> lama, thank you. >>> now to the hollywood actress shaking up politics in kentucky. ashley judd is getting ready to announce a bid for the senate, from the state where she grew up. taking on one of the most powerful republicans in america. is it a stunt, and if not, what are her chances? abc's david kerley has the story from washington. >> ashley! >> ashley! >> right over here! >> reporter: she is a movie star, who knows her way around a red carpet, after a string of successful movies. "double jeopardy." "kiss the girls." >> somebody help me. >> reporter: but ashley judd's new role may be a real-live politician from kentucky. >> she's seriously considering
that will communicate the election results. but there are other signs of change. at the apostolic palace, they sealed the pope's apartment as tradition requires. and for good measure, they taped shut the elevator, too. from the vatican post office, new stamps. valid only during the vacancy, the pope's face replaced by an angel. at the pope's tailor, the shop's window displays a white cap on a red pillow. tip of the hat to his holiness. for one roman goldsmith this whole transition is bittersweet. he hopes to make the next pope's fisherman's ring. he designed and made pope benedict's ring with his own hands. the seal inspired by michelangelo. the edges and the inside by st. peter's square itself. this is your sistine chapel this ring? benedict can no longer wear it, the vatican constitution requires the ring be destroyed when a pope dies. he pleaded for it to be spare and his prayers are being considered. >> when we talk about the destruction of the seal it's simply to make some scratch marks or something to prevent that seal from being used again. >> reporter: he hopes the slightly-defaced ring end u
that other stores follow. genetically-modified foods are produced by crops that have had specific changes to their dna. often designed to make them grow faster. now, whole foods is telling suppliers, if they're using gmo ingredients they need to say on the label. customers are demanding the move. even saying suppliers who advertise gmo free have seen sales increase. the u.s. food and drug administration has long rule that so-called frankenfoods are safe and no different from other foods. independent research backs that up. but will the move strike a chord with shoppers? >> i just think they don't know enough. >> farmers were fine before they were genetically modified organisms. >> about 30% of processed foods has gmo ingredients in it. tonight, david, even though the government said they're okay, not all consumers are convinced. >> lots of question. the question is, will other markets follow suit? linzie great to have you tonight. >>> still much more ahead on "world news" this saturday night -- the mother in tears as she described what happened after she said they took bathtub photos of t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8